NOTICE (July 2017): CDIAC will cease operations on September 30, 2017. Data will continue to be available through this portal until that time. A new DOE data archive is now at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and is named ESS-DIVE. Data stored at CDIAC is being transitioned to ESS-DIVE and will be available from ESS-DIVE by September 30, 2017. If you have any questions regarding the new archive or the data transition, please contact

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How to Get in Touch With Us

Contact Phone Number
(Area Code 865)
Title Internet
CDIAC Business Office 574-0390
CDIAC FAX 241-4064    
Data and Information Requests 574-3645
Tom Boden 241-4842 Director, CDIAC; Director, WDC for Atmospheric Trace Gases; Ecologist; AmeriFlux Data Manager
Fredia Glenn 574-8138 Secretary
Les Hook 241-4846 NARSTO QSSC Director; Ecologist
Dale Kaiser 241-4849 Meteorologist; Global Change Data
Alex Kozyr 576-8449 Oceanographer
Mikhail Krassovski   Computer Scientist; RDBMS and Web-interface development
Jim Simmons2 574-1060 Computer Scientist; Workstation Specialist
1Computer Science and Mathmatics Division, ORNL
2Computing and Information Networking Division, ORNL

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2008, MS6290
Building 4500N
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

(865) 574-0390
(865) 241-4064 (FAX)

Data and Information Requests: (865) 574-3645