NOTICE (August 2016): CDIAC as currently configured and hosted by ORNL will cease operations on September 30, 2017. Data will continue to be available through this portal until that time. Data transition plans are being developed with DOE to ensure preservation and availability beyond 2017.

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County-level Estimates for Carbon Distribution in U.S. Croplands, 1990-2005 - Legend

The following legend describes the spreadsheet headings in terms of carbon flux or distribution. Units for all values are Mg C yr-1. Megagram (Mg) = 106 gram


NPP  —  Net primary productivity or net carbon uptake
AgB  —  Carbon in above-ground biomass
BgB  —  Carbon in below-ground biomass
Harvest  —  Carbon harvested and transported off site
Residue  —  Carbon remaining on the surface following harvest