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CDIAC Climate Holdings Containing Snow Data

Data Set Name Investigators Data Type/Format Period of Record
United States Historical Climatology Network M. Menne et al. Station data; daily snowfall and snow depth Varies by station; through 2010
Daily Snow Depth Measurements from 195 Stations in the United States
D. Easterling et al. Station data; daily snow depth Varies by station; max. period is 1893-1992
Six- and Three-Hourly Meteorological Observations from 223 Former U.S.S.R. Stations (CDIAC NDP-048) V. Razuvaev et al. Station data; 6- and 3-hourly state of any snowcover on ground; occurrance of snowfall in past and present weather observations Varies by station; through 2000
Two Long-Term Instrumental Climatic Data Bases of the People's Republic of China
S. Tao et al. Station data; monthly number of days with snow cover Varies by station; through 1993