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Northern Hemisphere Biome-and Process-Specific Changes in Forest Area and Gross Merchantable Volume: 1890-1990 (DB1017)

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DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/lue.db1017


A. N. D. Auclair, J. A. Bedford, and C. Revenga


This database lists annual changes in areal extent (Ha) and gross merchantable wood volume (m3) produced by depletion and accrual processes in boreal and temperate forests in Alaska, Canada, Europe, Former Soviet Union, Non-Soviet temperate Asia, and the contiguous United States for the years 1890 through 1990. Forest depletions (source terms for atmospheric CO2) are identified as forest pests, forest dieback, forest fires, forest harvest, and land-use changes (predominantly the conversion of forest, temperate woodland, and shrubland to cropland). Forest accruals (sink terms for atmospheric CO2) are identified as fire exclusion, fire suppression, and afforestation or crop abandonment. The changes in areal extent and gross merchantable wood volume are calculated separately for each of the following biomes: forest tundra, boreal softwoods, mixed hardwoods, temperate softwoods, temperate hardwoods, and temperate wood- and shrublands.