AmeriFlux Fair-Use Data Agreement

The AmeriFlux data provided on this FTP server are freely available
and were furnished by individual AmeriFlux scientists who encourage
their use.  Please kindly inform the appropriate AmeriFlux scientist(s)
of how you intend to use the data and of any publication plans.  It is
also important to contact the AmeriFlux investigator to assure you are
downloading the latest revision of the data and to prevent potential
misuse or misinterpretation of the data.  Please acknowledge the data
source as a citation or in the acknowledgments if the data are not yet
published.  If the AmeriFlux Principal Investigators (PIs) feel that
they should be acknowledged or offered participation as authors, they
will let you know and we assume that an agreement on such matters will
be reached before publishing and/or use of the data for publication.
If your work directly competes with the PI's analysis they may ask
that they have the opportunity to submit a manuscript before you
submit one that uses unpublished data.  In addition, when publishing,
please acknowledge the agency that supported the research.  Lastly, we
kindly request that those publishing papers using AmeriFlux data provide
preprints to the PIs providing the data and to the data archive at the
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center (CDIAC).
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