Footnote gu

guTotal H scale at 15°C; See Chierici et al. 2004; Abrahamsson et al. 2004a

Chierici, M., A. Fransson, D.R. Turner, E.A. Pakhomov, P.W. Froneman. 2004. Variability in pH, fCO2, oxygen and the flux of CO2 in the surface water along a transect in the Atlantic sector of the Southern Ocean. Deep-Sea Res. II 51:2773-2787.

Abrahamsson, K., S. Bertilsson, M. Chierici, A. Fransson, P.W. Froneman, A. Loren and E.A. Pakhomov. 2004a. Variations of biochemical parameters along a transect in the southern Ocean, with special emphasis on volatile halogenated organic compounds. Deep-Sea Res. II 51:2745-2756.

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