R/V Meteor Cruise 11/5 Information

Information about the R/V Meteor Cruise 11/5 is summarized as follows:

 Ship Name:              Meteor
 Cruise/Leg:             11/5
 Location:               Ushuaia, Argentina, to Cape Town, South Africa
 Dates:                  January 23-March 8, 1990
 Funding:                German Science Community
                         Federal Ministry of Research and Technology, Bonn, Germany
 Chief Scientist:        Dr. Wolfgang Roether
                         University of Bremen, Germany
Parameters measured Institution Principal investigators
CTD, Salinity Alfred Wegner Institute, Bremerhaven G. Rohardt, E. Fahrbach
Nutrients, Oxygen Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) J. Swift, F. Delahoyde
CFMs University of Bremen W. Roether
Tritium, 3He University of Bremen W. Roether
14C (L-V and AMS) University of Heidelberg P. Schlosser, K. O. Munnich
39Ar University of Bern H. H. Loosli
85Kr Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory W. M. Smethie
TCO2 and pCO2 Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory D. Chipman, T. Takahashi
226/228Ra Princeton University, Univ. of Kiel R. Key, M. Rhein
XBT Alfred Wegner Institute, Bremerhaven U. Schauer, E. Farhrbach
ADCP Alfred Wegner Institute, Bremerhaven E. Farhrbach
CTD-intercomparison AWI, SIO G. Rohardt, F. Delahoyde
ALACE Drifter SIO, Texas A&M University R. Davis, W. D. Nowlin

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