RITS/CO2 1986

The RITS/CO2 cruise was a continuation of the EPOCS 1986 cruise. The NOAA R/V Oceanographer sailed from Hawaii on 1 July (Day 182) and headed northeast, southeast, northeast, north along 135/145° W, and into Kodiak, Alaska on 23 July (Day 204).

Mean atmospheric f(CO2) along this section was 342.41 µatm with values ranging from 337 near 20° N to 350 µatm near 52° N. Surface seawater concentrations were near equilibrium or slightly undersaturated north of Hawaii to 30° N. Supersaturations of ~15 µatm persisted from 30° N but the waters became undersaturated by ~34 µatm near 45° N. The f(CO2)sw remained slightly undersaturated along 50° N, but dropped to ~290 µatm as the ship continued north and into the Gulf of Alaska. The mean percent standard deviation of the standard gases on this leg was <0.7%.

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