RITS/CO2 1989, Leg 1

The NOAA R/V Discoverer left Seattle on 5 February (Day 37) 1989. After two brief stops in San Diego and then Manzanillo, Mexico, the ship continued southward along 105° W/110° W and into Easter Island on 1 March.

Atmospheric values were high off Baja, California, but dropped to a relatively stable value of ~339 µatm between 10° N and Easter Island. Surface seawater values were supersaturated off Baja, but dropped to near-saturation to the south. The pattern of f(CO2) across the equator is complex, rising to 423 µatm near 2° S, dropping to saturation and then increasing to a maximum of 481 µatm at 4° S. From there the values dropped slowly reaching 354 µatm near 16° S. From 16° S to Easter Island, surface seawater was supersaturated by up to 60 µatm. The mean percent standard deviation of the standard gases on this leg was 0.37%.

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