RITS/CO2 1989, Leg 2

Leg 2 began on 4 March (Day 63), with R/V Discoverer continuing south along 105° W to 60° S. The cruise track then turned northwest and the ship arrived in Tahiti on 2 April (Day 92).

Atmospheric values were quite variable along this section, ranging from 328 µatm near 60° S to 353 µatm near 45° S. Surface seawater values were ~380 µatm south from Easter Island to 40° S where they dropped to near-saturation. Surface seawater f(CO2) dropped suddenly near 61° S from 332 to 266 µatm within 1 hour and stayed low for several hours. The system was shut down to remove krill from the equilibrator and to check instrument performance. When the system was started again near 58° S, seawater f(CO2) had returned to equilibrium values. Seawater values close to saturation persisted into Tahiti. One anomalously high value (near 58° S) is flagged in the data file. The mean percent standard deviation of the standard gases on this leg was 0.37%.

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