SAGA II 1987, Leg 1

Leg 1 began on 8 May (Day 128) from the Kuril Trench region and followed the 160° E meridian south to 5° S. After a jog to the east, the track continued south along the 170° E meridian into Wellington, New Zealand on 9 June (Day 160).

Atmospheric values were near 350 µatm in the north, dropping to 330 µatm just south of the equator and increasing to 345 µatm near 45° S. Surface seawater values were high leaving the Kuril Trench area, but dropped to ~260 µatm near 40° N. To the south f(CO2)sw increased to near saturation but dropped to ~300 µatm near 10° S. Surface water values remained near 300 µatm as the ship continued south, but increased sharply as the ship approached New Zealand. The mean percent standard deviation of the standard gases on this leg was 0.24%.

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