NOAA/PMEL CGC-90 Cruise Information

The following is the cruise information:

Ship Name: Malcolm Baldrige
Cruise/Leg: CGC-90/1,2
Location: Southwest Pacific Ocean
Dates: February 22 - April 16, 1990
List of Participants:
   Chief Scientist: David Wisegarver, NOAA/PMEL
   Project Manager: Richard Feely
   Total CO2: Marilyn Lamb-Roberts, Paulette Murphy
   CTD: Linda Mangum, Kristy McTaggart, Marguerite McCarty, Dana Greeley, Jeff Benson
   Salinity: Survey Department of NOAA R/V Malcolm Baldrige
   Nitrate: Lloyd Moore, Don Atwood
   Computer Support: Cathy Cosca, Dan Lee, Doug Wilson

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