Description of Variables and Methods

The data file tun3.dat (see Sect. "File Descriptions" in Part 2) in this numeric data package (NDP) contains the following variables: station number; cast number; sample number; bottle number; CTD pressure, temperature, salinity, and oxygen; potential temperature; bottle salinity; concentration of dissolved oxygen, silicate, nitrate, nitrite, and phosphate; CFC-11; CFC-12; TCO2 and TALK concentration; and data quality flags. The station inventory file tun3sta.inv (see Part 2) contains the expedition code, section number, station number, cast number, sampling date (i.e., month, day, and year), sampling time, latitude, longitude, and bottom depth for each station. Click here for information about how halocarbons (CFCs, HFCs, HCFCs, and halons) are named.

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