File Descriptions

This section describes the content and format of each of the five files that comprise this NDP (see Table 3). Because CDIAC distributes the data set in several ways (e.g., via anonymous FTP, on floppy diskette, and on 9-track magnetic tape), each of the five files is referenced by both an ASCII file name, which is given in lower-case, bold-faced type (e.g., NDP060.doc), and a file number. The remainder of this section describes (or lists, where appropriate) the contents of each file. The files are discussed in the order in which they appear on the magnetic tape.

Table 3. Content, size, and format of data files.

File No File name and description Logical records File size in bytes Block size Record length
1 NDP060.doc: A detailed description of the cruise network, the two FORTRAN 77 data retrieval routines, and the two oceanographic data files 1,965 165,587 8,000 80
2 stainv.for: A FORTRAN 77 data retrieval routine to read and print tun3sta.inv (File 4) 45 1,344 8,000 80
3 tun3dat.for: A FORTRAN 77 data retrieval routine to read and print tun3.dat(File 5) 49 2,099 8,000 80
4 tun3sta.inv: A listing of the station locations, sampling dates, and sounding bottom depths for each of all stations 117 8,253 4,100 41
5 tun3.dat: Hydrographic, carbon dioxide, and chemical data from all stations 3,283 567,182 16,000 160
Total 5,459 742,665  

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