s4p.dat (File 5)

This file provides hydrographic, CO2, and chemical data for the 113 stations occupied during the R/VAkademik Ioffe Expedition along the WOCE Section S4P. Each record contains a station number; cast number; sample number; bottle number; CTD pressure, temperature, salinity, and oxygen; potential temperature; bottle salinity; concentrations of oxygen, silicate, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, and TCO2; pCO2; pCO2 temperature; and data-quality flags. The file is sorted by station number and pressure and can be read by using the following FORTRAN 77 code [contained in s4pdat.for (File 3)]:

          CHARACTER qualt*11
          INTEGER sta, cast, samp, bot   
          REAL pre, ctdtmp, ctdsal, ctdoxy, theta, sal, oxy, silca
          REAL nitrat, nitrit, phspht, tcarb, pco2, pco2tmp 
           read (1, 10, end=999) sta, cast, samp, bot, pre, ctdtmp,
        1 ctdsal, ctdoxy, theta, sal, oxy, silca, nitrat, nitrit,
        2 phspht, tcarb, pco2, pco2tmp, qualt

10       format (5X, I3, 7X, I1, 6X, I2, 6X, I2, 1X, F7.1, 1X, F9.4,
        1 1X, F9.4, 1X, F7.2, 1X, F9.4, 1X, F9.4, 1X, F7.1, 1X, F7.2,
        2 1X, F7.2, 1X, F7.2, 1X, F7.2, 1X, F7.1, 1X, F7.2, 1X, F7.2,
        3 1X, A11)

Stated in tabular form, the contents include the following:

Variable Variable type Variable width Starting column Ending column
sta Numeric 3 6 8
cast Numeric 1 16 16
samp Numeric 2 23 24
bot Numeric 2 31 32
pre Numeric 6 35 40
ctdtmp Numeric 9 42 50
ctdsal Numeric 9 52 60
ctdoxy Numeric 7 62 68
theta Numeric 9 70 78
sal Numeric 9 80 88
oxy Numeric 7 90 96
silica Numeric 7 98 104
nitrat Numeric 7 106 112
nitrit Numeric 7 114 120
phspht Numeric 7 122 128
tcarb Numeric 7 130 136
pco2 Numeric 7 138 144
pco2tmp Numeric 7 146 152
qualt Character 11 154 164


sta  -  is the station number;
cast  -  is the cast number;
samp  -  is the sample number;
bot  -  is the bottle number;
pre  -  is the CTD pressure (in dbar);
ctdtmp  -  is the CTD temperature (in °C);
ctdsala  -  is the CTD salinity [on the Practical Salinity Scale (PSS)];
ctdoxya  -  is the CTD oxygen concentration (in µmol/kg);
theta  -  is the potential temperature (in °C);
sala  -  is the bottle salinity (PSS);
oxya  -  is the bottle oxygen concentration (in µmol/kg);
silcaa  -  is the silicate concentration (in µmol/kg);
nitrata  -  is the nitrate concentration (in µmol/kg);
nitrita  -  is the nitrite concentration (in µmol/kg);
phsphta  -  is the phosphate concentration (in µmol/kg);
tcarba  -  is the total carbon dioxide concentration (in µmol/kg);
pco2a  -  is the partial pressure of CO2 (in µatm and measured at pco2tmp);
pco2tmp  -  is the temperature of equilibration of the pCO2 samples in the equilibrator (in °C);
qualt  -  is an 11-digit character variable that contains data-quality flag codes for each of the eleven parameters underlined with asterisks (*) in the output file.

aVariables that are underlined with asterisks in the data file to indicate they have data-quality flags. Data-quality flags are defined as follows:

1  =  sample for this measurement was drawn from water bottle but results of analyses were not received;
2  =  acceptable measurement;
3  =  questionable measurement;
4  =  bad measurement;
5  =  not reported;
6  =  mean of replicate measurements;
7  =  manual chromatographic peak measurement;
8  =  irregular digital chromatographic peak integration;
9  =  sample was not drawn for this measurement from this bottle.

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