8.4 p16ap17a.sta (File 4), p17ep19s.sta (File 5), and p19c.sta (File 6)

These files provide station inventory information for each of the 422 stations occupied during the R/V Knorr expeditions along WOCE Sections P16A/P17A, P17E/P19S, and P19C Each record of the files contains an expocode, section number, station number, cast number, sampling date, sampling time, latitude, longitude, and sounding bottom depth. The files are sorted by station number and can be read by using the following FORTRAN 77 code [contained in stainv.for (File 2)]:

 INTEGER  stat, cast, depth
       REAL latdcm, londcm 
       CHARACTER expo*10, sect*9, date*6, time*4

       read (1, 10, end=999) expo, sect, stat, cast, date, time,
     1 latdcm, londcm, depth

 10    format (A10, 2X, A9, 3X, I3, 5X, I1, 3X, A10, 2X, A4, 3X,
     1 F7.3, 3X, F8.3, 3X, I4)

Stated in tabular form, the contents include the following:

Variable Variable type Variable width Starting column Ending column
expo Character 10 1 10
sect Character 9 13 21
stat Numeric 3 25 27
cast Numeric 1 33 33
date Character 6 37 46
time Character 4 49 52
latdcm Numeric 7 56 62
londcm Numeric 8 66 73
depth Numeric 4 77 80

The variables are defined as follows:

expo  =  is the expocode of the cruise;
sect  =  is the WOCE section number;
stat  =  is the station number;
cast  =  is the cast number;
date  =  is the sampling date (month/day/year);
time  =  is the sampling time (Greenwich mean time);
lat  =  is the latitude of the station (in decimal degrees; negative values indicate the Southern Hemisphere);
lon  =  is the longitude of the station (in decimal degrees; negative values indicate the Western Hemisphere);
depth  =  is the sounding depth of the station (in meters).

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