7. Data Tables

7a. Surface Data

The following quantities are given in this table. The salinity, temperature, the concentrations of oxygen, phosphate, nitrate and silicates were measured by the staff of ODF/SIO.

Station No.  =  The WOCE station number.
WOCE LINE  =  Designation of WOCE lines.
Date  =  Sampling date given in MM/DD/YY.
Lat  =  Latitude in degrees and minutes.
Long  =  Longitude in degrees and minutes.
InSitu Temp  =  The in situ temperature of water in C.
Sal  =  Salinity in PS scale (‰).
Seawater pCO2 20 Deg.  =  pCO2 (µatm) in seawater measured at 20.0 °C.
Seawater pCO2 inSitu  =  pCO2 (µatm) in seawater corrected to the in situ temperature.
Atmosphere VCO2  =  Mole fraction concentration (ppm) of CO2 in dry air.
Atmosphere pCO2  =  Partial pressure of CO2 (µatm) in the atmosphere saturated with water vapor at the seawater temperature under the barometric pressure of 990 mb.
Delta pCO2 sw-air  =  Difference between the pCO2 in seawater and that in the overlying atmosphere (µatm). Positive values indicate that the seawater is supersaturated with respect to atmospheric CO2, and negative values indicate that the seawater is undersaturated.
TCO2  =  The total CO2 concentration in seawater (µmol/kg).
Oxy, PO4, NO3, SiO3  =  The concentrations (µmol/kg) of dissolved oxygen, phosphate, nitrate and silicate in seawater.
Alkalinity Total  =  Total alkalinity (µeq/kg) computed using the total CO2 concentration and pCO2 data.
Alkalinity Pot.  =  Potential alkalinity (µeq/kg), [Total alkalinity] + [Nitrate].

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