1. Introduction

A measurement program for oceanic CO2 was initiated in 1989 by the Department of Energy (DOE) in order to obtain an extensive CO2 data base needed for the assessment of the uptake of fossil fuel CO2 by the global oceans. Since the initiation of the program, measurements have been made at sea in close association with the U. S. WOCE program by several participating members of the DOE CO2 Science Team. The CO2 survey along the following WOCE sections has been completed; Section A-1E in the North Atlantic Ocean in September, 1991 (Johnson et al., 1996); Section A-9 in the South Atlantic in February-March, 1991 (Johnson et al., 1995); Sections A-12 and A-21 in the South Atlantic and Weddell Sea in January-March, 1990 (Chipman et al., 1992); P-16 and P-17C in the central and South Pacific in July-August, 1991 (Takahashi et al., 1993); P-16C in the tropical Pacific in September, 1991 (Goyet et al., 1996) and S-4P in the Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean in February-April, 1992 (Chipman et al., 1996). Other WOCE sections in the Pacific Ocean, including P-6, P-10, P-12, P-13, P-14, P-21, P-31, have been completed by the DOE CO2 Science Team and the data reports will soon become available. The NOAA group has completed the northern section of P-16, P-15S (Lamb et al., 1995) and P-18 (Lamb et al., 1997). The Indian Ocean has been investigated in 1995-96 by the DOE CO2 Science Team and the results have been summarized recently by Sabine et al. (1997).

This report summarizes the measurements of the total CO2 concentration and pCO2 in discrete water samples made by the LDEO group during the WOCE expeditions, P-16S, P-17S & E and P-19C & S from October, 1992, through April, 1993, in the South Pacific Ocean.

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