Cruise Information

R/V Thomas G. Thompson cruise information follows:

Ship name  -  Thomas G. Thompson
Expedition code  -  3250TN026/1
WOCE Section  -  P10
Location  -  Suva, Fiji, to Yokohama, Japan
Dates  -  October 5 - November 10, 1993
Chief Scientist  -  Melinda Hall (WHOI)

Parameters measured Institution Principal investigators
CTD,* salinity, oxygen WHOI M. Hall
Nutrients OSU L. Gordon
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) UW M. Warner
Tritium and helium WHOI W. Jenkins
TCO2, TALK, and underway xCO2 PU C. Sabine
Radiocarbon (14C) PU R. Key
Underway ADCP** WHOI T. Joyce
Lowered ADCP UH P. Hacker and E. Firing

Participating Institutions:

WHOI  -  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
OSU  -  Oregon State University
UW  -  University of Washington
PU  -  Princeton University
UH  -  University of Hawaii

*Conductivity, temperature, and depth sensor.
**Acoustic Doppler current profiler.

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