R/V John V. Vickers Cruise Information

R/V John V. Vickers cruise information follows:

Ship name  -  John V. Vickers
Expedition code  -  3220CGC92/0, 1, 2
WOCE Section  -  P13
Location  -  Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., to Noumea, New Caledonia
Dates  -  August 4 - October 21, 1992
Chief Scientist  -  Legs 0 and 1, John Bullister, NOAA/PMEL
Leg 2, Bruce Taft, NOAA/PMEL (retired)

Parameters measured Institution Principal investigators
CTD1, salinity PMEL B. Taft
Oxygen PMEL J. Bullister
Nutrients USF K. Fanning
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) PMEL J. Bullister
Tritium and helium-3 WHOI W. Jenkins
TCO2 SIO A. Dickson
TALK SIO C. Keeling
Radiocarbon (14C) UW P. Quay
Underway ADCP2 SIO R. Pinkel
Lowered ADCP UH P. Hacker

Participating Institutions

PMEL  -  Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
USF  -  University of South Florida
UW  -  University of Washington
WHOI  -  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
SIO  -  Scripps Institution of Oceanography
UH  -  University of Hawaii

1Conductivity, temperature, and depth sensor.
2Acoustic Doppler current profiler.

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