p13sta.dat (File 4)

This file provides station inventory information for each of the 82 stations occupied during the R/V John V. Vickers cruise along WOCE Section P13. Each line of the file contains an expocode, section number, station number, cast number, sampling date (month/date/year), sampling time, latitude, longitude, and sounding depth. The file is sorted by station number and can be read by using the following FORTRAN 90 code (contained in stainv.for, File 2):

            INTEGER stat, cast, depth 
            CHARACTER expo*11, sect*3, date*10, time*4
            REAL latdcm, londcm
            read (1, 10, end=999) expo, sect, stat, cast, date, time,
          1 latdcm, londcm, depth 
      10    format (A11, 4X, A3, 4X, I2, 5X, I1, 3X, A10, 2X, A4, 3X,
          1 F7.3, 3X, F8.3, 3X, I4)

Stated in tabular form, the contents include the following:

Variable Variable type Variable width Starting column Ending column
expo Character 11 1 11
sect Character 3 16 18
stat Numeric 2 23 24
cast Numeric 1 30 30
date Character 10 34 43
time Character 4 46 49
latdcm Numeric 7 53 59
londcm Numeric 8 63 70
depth Numeric 4 75 77

The variables are defined as follows:

expo  -  is the unique expedition code of the cruise;
sect  -  is the WOCE section number;
stat  -  is the station number;
cast  -  is the cast number;
date  -  is the sampling date (month/day/year);
time  -  is the sampling time [Greenwich mean time (GMT)];
latdcm  -  is the latitude of the station (in decimal degrees; negative values indicate the Southern Hemisphere);
londcm  -  is the longitude of the station (in decimal degrees; negative values indicate the Western Hemisphere);
depth  -  is the sounding depth of the station (in meters);

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