AmeriFlux Data Viewing and Retrieval System
Welcome to the AmeriFlux WWW Data Viewing and Retrieval System! This system allows users to view and download AmeriFlux data using the users WWW browser. Summary tables are provided below to aid the user in identifying available data. Users may view or download data from individual sites or multiple sites by "selecting a site or combined sites" below. Once the site choice has been made the user may choose to generate time-series plots, create property-property-plots, produce frequency charts for individual variables, or customize a data set for downloading.

The data provided in this system have been submitted kindly by AmeriFlux investigators. We appreciate their willingness to make their site measurements available to a larger scientific audience. PLEASE follow the AmeriFlux fair-use policy before using the data in publications or analyses.

We hope you find this new system useful. This system is still evolving so please send comments to Tom Boden (

This interface development is supported by the US Department of Energy's Office of Science Biological and Environmental Research Program, Terrestrial Carbon Processes Program.
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