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Fossil-Fuel CO2 Emissions

imageThe release of the 1950-2011 United Nations energy statistics used to produce CDIAC's fossil fuel CO2 emissions estimates was delayed. The UN energy data have been received and processing is near completion. We now expect the 2011 updated global and national emissions estimates to be available in April 2015.

Global, Regional, and National Annual Time Series (1751-2010)

Global Carbon Project - Full Global Carbon Budget (1959-2013)

Historical Global Estimates

Gridded Annual Estimates (1o x 1o; 1751-2010)

Gridded Monthly Estimates (1o x 1o; 1950-2010)

Scaling factors for temporal and spatial distribution

Independent National Time Series for Select Countries (coming soon)

Fine-Resolution CO2 Estimates

Isotopic (13C/12C) Estimates